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A 500kg cube of clay in the middle of the scene. A human body weighing 70kg. Two elements as different as they are similar. Finding connections between the two, the show travels through a blend of realistic and dreamlike imagery, where clay and the body become one.

The basis of the show is the relationship between clay and the body, delving into its abilities to mold and be molded through circus acrobatics. With these acrobatics the artist's body is transformed by the mud that remains on it while the acrobatics on the mud transform the matter. The manipulation of clay on stage takes the audience on a journey through a show full of unique and suggestive shapes and sculptures. This treatment makes the show unique every time it is presented and can surprise both the audience and the artist. As the show develops, the physical changes in the subjects are observed. The human body gets tired, the mud gets deformed. They both sweat. The line that separates them blurs and the bodies end up being one.

Fotografies_  Marta Garcia

Inese Kalmina

"Girón also triumphed with Fang, an exercise in strength, skill, balance and transformation that he performs with an immense mass of mud. The artist makes the most of his fight with matter and gets muddy to his heart's content accompanied by live music , made in part with the same material he uses on stage: clay as a percussion instrument. The audience dismissed his show with a loud ovation"

Marta Cervera (El periodico)

"Quim Girón's acrobatic performance in the Pina Bausch room of the Mercat de les Flors is a perfect introduction to the intentions of the Circ d'Ara Mateix cycle"

Victor Giralt (betevé)

Also, of a confrontation between body and matter that necessarily goes through manipulations, osmosis and transfusions, through connections and religions in a very own sense, the poetics of Animal Religion has been echoed since siempre"

Roberto Fratini (blog of Mercat de les Flors)

Without words but with looks of intelligent complicity, [Quim Girón] returns to a white and luminous side of creation"


Jordi Bordes (El punt Avui)

Quim Giron has become in a few years a reference in the circus that takes place in Catalonia"


Marcel Barrera (Bloc de circ) 




       Zirkolika Special Award 2017

       Nomination for the Critics Award
       for best original music

       Nominated for best circus show

       Awards TB 2018

Creation and circus artist _ Quim Girón

Music and sound space_ Joan Cot Ros

Design and light space_ Jou Serra

Dramaturgy_ Jordi Fondevila

Costume_ Luna Albert


Production_ Elclimamola

With the support of _ La Pedrera Foundation_ TNT Festival Terrassa Noves Tendencies

Artistic residency_Teatre Sant Esteve de Palautordera, Can Gassol - Performing Arts Center of Mataró, Cronopis - Can Fugarolas, La Bonita, Civic Center La Barceloneta, La Caldera

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