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Reflecting on the trick and stripping the exercise of the circus until you are left with only the most essential, until you reach the absurd.

Nu is a circus show that wants to speak simply and transparently about human relationships based on everyday objects. And it is precisely these everyday objects, in bright colors, that in contact with the bodies of the characters will create absurd situations, full of humor, magic and poetry.

Direcction_ Quim Girón
Quim Girón, Xavi Sánchez, Anna Aro, Ingrid Esperanza, Joan Català, Wanja Kahlert
Dramaturg_ Carlota Grau

Music _ Joan Cot Ros

Light and space design_ Jou Serra

Scenic space_ Mercè Lucchetti

Costume_ Adriana Parra

Production_ Circ d'Hivern de l'Ateneu Popular 9 Barris

Fotografies_  Marta Garcia

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