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who finds?

and.. find who

search and find

And who...
And who searches, finds.

A circular and empty space. A body, a microphone, speakers, spotlights and lines of lights star in this contemporary circus show. Through gesture, sound, look or touch, the public is invited to participate in this journey full of acrobatics, humour, play, light and music.
...I les ideas volen is a fresh show where few objects have much weight and small actions grow to become intense, funny scenes full of complicity to take off with the audience.

The piece is aimed at boys and girls aged 2 to 5. Animal Religion works to innovate the circus and find new means of expression. From the beginning of his creations he shares a space where light, body and sound/music emerge simultaneously creating an identity of his own.

Authorship_ Quim Girón, Jou Serra and Joan Cot Ros

Administrative production_ Elclimamola

Co-production_  LaSala. Arts creation center for families and Mercat de les Flors
Artistic residency_ Can Gassol - Mataró Performing Arts Centre, Mataró Theater Hall


Supported by_

Duration _ 25 min

photo_  Nora Baylach

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