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The artist, present at every moment, will give life to each of the members of the story that will undoubtedly lead us to wonder about the presence of the human in the animal, and of the animal in the human, of the masculine and the feminine and the relationship between them all.

What is animal and what is human?

Absorbed in his thoughts, he transforms the stage into a sort of menagerie in which he himself appears as a human rooster. The staging involves the presence of multiple resources that first become protagonists and then become part of the scene.

Direction and acting _ Quim Girón

Music_ Matthieu Pernaude i Niklas Blomberg

Light design_ Jou Serra
Direction support_ Alba Serraute i Jules Beckman

Costume and scenography_ Maria Bartrons

Coproduction_ Antic Teatre, Central del Circ

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