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Sapiens Zoo

Sapiens Zoo



A tribe of exceptional humans lives in Sapiens Zoo. Inspired by people from the most primitive tribes to the most modern civilizations, they cross the boundaries between human and animal behavior. There is a different reality where the constraints of modern society no longer exist.

Delicate gestures are transformed into wild attitudes in their quest to change old models for new ways of living. Eccentric acrobatics, hanging by the hair, verticals, a trapeze, a lighting technician who dances, a machinist cutting ropes with axes and a vinyl DJ who mixes electronic music with animal sounds, strange noises and storms.


Fotografies_  Ben Hopper

Direction_ Quim Girón

actors_ Quim Girón, Ingrid Esperanza, Jou Serra, Benet Jofre, Leire Mesa, DJ Marcelle/Another Nice Mess

Artistic direction assistance_ Lee Wilson, Jorge Dutor

Assistance in creation_ Nefeli Ikonomou

Artistic suport_ Alba Serraute

Stage manager_ Maria Bartrons i Anna Aro
Costume Michel Tange van Leeuweni Txell Genot
Executive production_ Marta Oliveras


Mercat de les flors, Subtonia Circo, KK Nord, El Graner, La Central del Circ, Cronopis

With the support of_
Swedish Arts Council (Kulturradet)
Swedish Arts Grants Committe (Konstnarnsamnden)

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