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Yesterday is a performance that engages in dialogue with the past. It is an incision in the timeline that allows us to observe it, stretch it, freeze it, and transform it, ultimately reinterpreting its continuity.

A risky and poetic journey; sometimes raw, also refreshing and always sincere. A space where memories and imagination intertwine. Yesterday is a piece dedicated to all those who, at some point, have sought, in their past, some answer or longing.

Foto AHIR P.A.jpg

photo_  May Zircus

Authorship: Animal Religion (Quim Girón, Jou Serra,

Joan Cot Ros)

Direction: Carlota Grau

Circus Artist: Quim Girón

Light Artist: Jou Serra

Music: Joan Cot Ros

Set Design: Mercè Lucchetti

Costume Design: Adriana Parra

Technical Support and Programming (Pangolin):

Carlos Ferrer

Text: Quim Girón

Accompaniment: Jordi Fondevila

Production: Teatre Nacional de Catalunya

and Animal Religion

Administrative Production: ElClimamola

Distribution: Imaginart

Premier 15 October 2020
National Theater of Catalonia 

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