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The circus made music? Music made circus? The stage is the sounding board, strings that surround us, eccentric dances, elastic acrobatics, electronic polyrhythms, somersaults and a piano on wheels. A performance with seven artists where the beast speaks for us and the human stops controlling us.

Siphonófor is a large format show with an external perspective by Alba Sarraute starring 9 acrobats and musicians from six different countries that fuses some circus techniques such as the Chinese pole, acrobatics or tightrope with electronic music, the piano , the opera or the guitar. A new show from Cia. Animal Religion awarded with the 2016 City of Barcelona Award.

Creation and acting _ Núria Dardinyà (soprano), Anaelle Molino, Niklas Blomberg, Julien Auger, Jonatan Krogh, Ben Smith,Tom Brand, Simon Wiborn, Santi Ruiz, Quim Giron

Light design_ Jou Serra i Carlos Ferrer

Direction support_ Alba Sarraute

Production_ Ana Aro

Coproduction_Auditori de Barcelona

Residency space_ Espace Périphérique (Maire de Paris - Parc de la Villette)


      Big award BBVA Zirkòlika of circus 2015


      Award city of Barcelona 2016



photo_  Marta Garcia
Gialla Farfalla

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