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Can you imagine a unique circus and movement experience that takes place on a farm? Animals vibrate, move, fly and dance in combination with electronic music. The members of this company claim that they do not believe in the human being, but in the beast that inhabits and controls our interior.

Chicken Legz is a site-specific show that was created at Fira Tarrega in 2014. 10 circus artists put on a multidisciplinary show that mixes circus, dance, music and construction. The result was a 90minute show adding a forklift, acrobatics of all kinds, circus, dance, techno, horses, dogs and ducks.

Creation and acting_ Niklas Blomberg, Ben Smith, John Simon, Santi Albalate, Tom Brand, Quim Girón, Katri Lausjärvi, Benet Jofre, Alba Sarraute and Anna Pasqual

Music _ Niklas Blomberg, Ben Smith

Coproduction_ Fira Tàrrega, El Graner and with the collaboration from Teatre Municipal d'Olot and Subtopia (Sweden) 

photo_  Gialla Farfalla


      Award stage performing                              Zirkolika 2014

Moritz award for the best premier 
unconventional street show

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