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Copying has a bad reputation. The perception surrounding this act is pejorative, indicating little originality, few individual ideas, and consequently, a lack of personality. This is surprising because, in reality, as social beings, we continuously copy from birth to death. We mimic how others speak, move, express themselves, dress, and form opinions. In truth, copying is entirely natural. We all imitate each other, and through this, we connect, learn, teach, and, thus, society evolves.


"Copying" is a performance that brings a group of 8 to 10-year-old boys and girls to the stage. This group has not rehearsed or prepared before entering the scene. Together with Animal Religion, they navigate through a playful, emotional, and eclectic spectacle where the only guide is imitation. From imitation also emerges something original.


Scenography_Animal Religion

Luminary construction_Cube Peak

Support for scenographic confection_Mariona Signes


Administrative production_ElClimaMola


Tour management_Imaginart


Co-production_Mercat de les Flors and laSala Centre de Creació d'Arts Per a les Famílies – Sabadell.


With the collaboration of: Espacio Abierto Quinta de los Molinos – Madrid, CCCB (Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona), and Can Gassol Centre d'Arts Escèniques – Mataró.


With the support of the ICEC of the Department of Culture of the Generalitat de Catalunya.


Acknowledgments: Marta Mata School (Mataró), Rocafonda School (Mataró), Angeleta Ferrer School (Mataró), Les Escomes School (Sant Jaume de Llierca), Sant Julià School (Sabadell), Can Deu School (Sabadell), San Benito Primary School (Madrid), and all the class groups and families who have accompanied us during this creation process. We also want to thank Irene Vicente, Moon Ribas, Núria Cuyàs, Laia Gonzalez, Lluís Giron, Àngels Figuerola, and Sergio Roca for their support and assistance during the creation.

Premier 20 January 2024, L'estruch Sabadell 

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